My name is
- Phara

my name is Phara I’m the fondation of KMBOUTIQUE. we are a small online business who’s working hard to bring the best high quality products. I’m a single mom of two also work fulltime. then reality hit me because it was an extremely stressful for me been working 2 jobs cause I don’t really have much time for my kids. I was really wanting to find something else to do with my life that would be able to give me my time freedom to spend with my kids. i was always want to have a online boutique store it’s was my dreams but I wasn’t know how to start also I was scare cause I didn’t want to I give myself a try. they was a day I woke up i was thinking about what to sell. but I’m a person love to wearing waves also I’m a beauty person so I started doing some research online about some good hair manufacturers. each manufacturer I found I contact them also buy samples from them to see the quality cause I didn’t want to bring bad quality hair to the market.

finally I found one manufacturer I make a small amount order and start selling to my friends also on my Facebook page and Ebay but they profit wasn’t to good I had to stop it for years,but I never forgot about my idea. they have a day I was talking to my sister to give me an advice about what to do cause I really wanna start doing something new . so the first thing she was telling me if you scared to loss you will never gain. also she say failing doesn’t mean stop, it’s mean never give up you will get there with your patient one day so my best advice to you is focus. so i was decided to start over again with my love compassion with all of me i sacrificed my time i buy book how to successful in business I read every day finally I’m close. so what I see god never give you something you can’t handled. the best thing is believe in him and leave everything on his hand and he will make a way for you. to be successful in life you need to have what calling patient.